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A Winning Blackjack Strategy against the Dealer

The game of blackjack is a casino game that is more of a game of skill than a game of chance. Many casino players aspire to become good blackjack players because of the better odds of winning against the casino's dealer when the player knows a winning blackjack strategy to play against the dealer.

The dealer represents the casino and is considered to be a casino institution that represents the house advantage that a blackjack player needs to play against. But mainly due to the skill factor involved when playing the game of blackjack, the player can reduce the house advantage of the casino on their game through a good play strategy.

Blackjack gives its players the opportunity to conduct a good play strategy by knowing the probabilities of their game and playing their hands wisely. The crucial decision for a blackjack player to make is to decide when is the best moment to hit or stand.

The advantage of playing blackjack is it gives its players the clue on how to play with the best hand possible through determining the odds of their hand based from the face up card of the dealer.

Simple strategy works best when playing blackjack. It is always important to assume that the dealer's face down card is always a vale of 10 regardless of the value of the dealer's face up card. This is considered to be a safe assumption since in every deck of card the possibility of a 10-card value to appear can occur in 16 ways which include the face value cards.

Players playing without an ace card which is often called playing with a hard hand should hit when the hand value they are playing is 8 or lower. This is a standard decision a blackjack player should make regardless on the face up card value of the dealer.

If the player's hand value is between 17 and 21 the player should always stand. It is also best for a player who is playing with a hand value of 16 to hit when the dealer's face up card is below 7.

When a player has a card value of lower than 7 and an ace, they should hit. With an ace card and an 8 or 9 card value, a player should stand regardless of the dealer's open card. A natural blackjack may occur when a player has cards drawn with values of an ace and a 10.

Beating the blackjack dealer with a good strategy gives players the best opportunity to enjoy a profitable blackjack gambling. Knowing which hand decision is best based on the player's hand value and the dealer's face up card is a winning blackjack strategy that most blackjack players use to make their odds better against the dealer when playing blackjack.

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