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Card Counting Strategies Beat the Blackjack Dealer

The most advantageous aspect of playing blackjack is it can be played with an intelligent style of playing. Players who skillfully adopted an effective blackjack strategy are provided with better opportunity to make their gambling in blackjack more profitable through effective blackjack strategies.

Blackjack players will be playing against the house with a dealer as its representative and who is relatively responsible in facilitating dealing of the cards to the players. If a blackjack player is able to use good strategies they can have a play advantage against the casino dealer which significantly reduces the house advantage to its lowest percentage.

The card counting strategy is one of the oldest and most common blackjack strategies that help beginners and even professional blackjack players bring better odds on their games and get ahead of the casino dealer. With this essential card game strategy, blackjack players are able to know their probability advantage versus the dealer.

Blackjack players employ card counting strategies basically to track down the card ratio of high and low cards on the deck. The basic principle of card counting pertains to the premise that more low cards left on the deck is advantageous to the dealer while more high cards is good to the blackjack player.

Moreover, it is favorable to a blackjack player to have a deck of cards with high numbers of aces and 10 valued cards which give the player better probability of getting a blackjack that gives players a higher payout.

With higher numbers of 10 valued cards on the deck, the dealer has the higher risk of busting which is generally favorable to a blackjack player. This makes 10 value cards and aces very valuable to a blackjack player and unfavorable to the casino dealer.

The card counting strategy is used by most blackjack players to determine the odds and probabilities of their hands against the dealer in relation to the expected numbers of cards remaining on the deck for the dealer and the player to play.

Blackjack players can anticipate the odds of their hand in relation to the dealer's cards by tracking down the cards already dealt and are left on the deck. Blackjack players see the opportunity to play for higher stakes when they find positive odds on the cards left on the deck that increase the risk for the dealer to bust.

Casino dealers often lost a game from a blackjack player who knows how to effectively use the card counting system in their favor. Because of this, casinos created a counter measure against the card counting system on their online blackjack where a card shuffling system in every hand dealt makes it virtually impossible for online players to keep track of the remaining cards on the deck.

This shows that card counting strategies give players a play advantage when playing against a blackjack dealer.

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