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Getting Winning Streaks Against Blackjack Dealers

It is true that blackjack is the only casino game with the lowest house advantage of 0.5%. But often, some blackjack players jump into a gambling session of blackjack without bothering to give importance on the blackjack strategy and skills needed to obtain the lowest house edge in blackjack.

There are actually some steps to learn in order to attract winning streaks in blackjack and to play better against the dealer. Learning to play with a good blackjack strategy is a must. Players need to acknowledge the fact that they can control the odds of their game using the mathematical advantage in blackjack.

Proper hand play is also important as well. Players need to know when is the best time to double down, draw or stand relative to the dealer's hand value. Every decision of the player can make a big difference hence they should learn how to play each hand using the best hand decisions all the time.

Understand which aspect of the game you want to exploit. Players are paid by the house a payout ratio of 1.5:1 for a natural blackjack. If the player takes insurance and the dealer gets a natural, they only lose their bet at 1:1 ratio.

Recognize which cards give better advantage to the dealer and to the player. Low card values of 6 and below will most benefit the dealer. High cards give favor to the player's hand. It increases the chance to hit blackjack by a player and it also increases the dealer's chance to bust.

Players should learn how to raise bets and when to lower it. With more high cards on the deck, players need to double down to increase their possible profit since it gives them a good odd and it lowers the dealer's advantage to win.

Using the Hi-Lo card counting system can also essentially bring better streaks of luck to a player. A player assigns each card a point value to determine the ratio of high and low card on the deck. This will help a player know the chances of getting the best or worse odds against the dealer.

The essence of practice and training prior to playing a real game of blackjack against the casino dealer will help a player increase their chance to play an effective and efficient blackjack strategy against the dealer.

Bringing a strategy card in a casino venue is not prohibited. Hence many blackjack players want to play safely by taking a strategy chart with them to consult in order to make a wise decision in every hand dealt.

Wise gambling is always important. Playing against the dealer is like playing against the casino house advantage. The only means by which to beat the dealer is to play with a perfect strategy in blackjack which is the sure means of getting a winning streak.

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