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Hand Strategies against a Blackjack Dealer's Card

Knowing for a fact that blackjack gives its players the best opportunity to determine the probability and odds of their game, it further stress the point of mastering a good strategy to maximize this opportunity to get ahead of the dealer.

Playing against the dealer will mean playing against the house edge. Casinos always reserve the house advantage in all their games and in the game such as blackjack the dealer always has the advantage over the player.

Learning to play with an excellent skill and strategy though can help a player reduce the house advantage in the long term of playing the game. A wise hand play against the dealer's hand can increase the chance of a player to bring better odds while playing their hands in relation to the dealer's card.

Playing against a blackjack dealer with strategies involving good hand plays can turn the winning table to the player's favor. Hand strategies involve various categories based on the card values of the player in relation to that of the dealer's.

Playing hard hands will mean to play with 2 initial cards without an ace value. Players should always hit if their hand is playing for an 8 or less. With 9 they should double once the dealer has a card value of 3 up to 6 otherwise they should hit. With a dealer's hand of 2 to 9, they should double if their hand is playing for 10.

Still playing for a hard hand of 11 a player should double when the dealer has 2 to 10 and they should hit when the dealer plays for an ace. With a hand of 12, hitting is best when the dealer has 2 or 3. But if the dealer's hand plays for 4 to 6 they should stand.

A soft hand play refers to a starting hand with an ace. Dealing a hand with 2-3 aces will make a player double once the dealer has a 5-6, the same hand play should be observe when the player deals 4-5 aces with a dealer's card of 4-6. Player should always stand if they hold a card value of ace 8 or 9.

Playing for pairs can also be determined with a hand strategy that can make one's learning and understanding easier when using strategy cards. Blackjack charts can also be used for consultation and one that players can bring in casinos to consult from when playing against a dealer's hand.

Memorizing the different hand strategies in blackjack increases a player's chance to play a winning hand and to enjoy an advantage play when gambling against the dealer's hand.

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