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Odds and Probabilities Against a Blackjack Dealer

A casino player can actually get the best odds in a casino game by playing blackjack. With the house advantage reduced to its lowest of half percent with a perfect strategy, a blackjack player can get better odds against the casino dealer.

One of the most essential factors on the different blackjack strategies is the understanding of the odds and probabilities of blackjack. There are actually several aspects in blackjack to be considered in order to beat the blackjack dealer.

One is the need to know how the dealer gets their advantage against the player of blackjack. Casinos usually establish an 8% of house advantage on their blackjack. This advantage is derived from the nature of the game itself where the dealer is the last to act. This gives a dealer good advantage since the players have made a hand decision already and could possibly bust even before the dealer have their turn.

This relatively puts blackjack players in a compromised situation however with a good strategy using the card counting system for instance blackjack players can turn the odds into positive relative to the dealer's hand.

Card counting is a very effective strategy to use against the blackjack dealer which is precisely the reason why many casinos does not allow such system on their blackjack. The card shuffling system in online blackjack is used by online casinos to counteract this strategy.

Understanding the probability of busting a hand is also important for a player to know. Using an odd chart can be useful in determining the player's likelihood to bust based on their current hand value and the odds to hit.

The general probability of busting is highest when the player holds a hand value of 17 to 21 if they hit. Therefore, with this probability into consideration, players with a hand value of 17 to 21 should rather stand instead of hitting.

On the contrary, it is best for a player to hit with a hand value of 8 or lower. This is a standard hand decision to follow regardless of whatever value the up cards of the dealer are.

Blackjack players can also have an advantage in relation to the dealer's up card by which the dealer's up card provide vital information to a player which hand decision is best to take.

Dealers have the highest probability to bust when they have an up card of 5. When the dealer has an up card value of 9 and higher, the advantage is on the dealer's side.

Under this premise, a good blackjack strategy is for the player to take advantage the better odds of doubling down when the dealer has a hand of 5 and to lower the stakes when the dealer plays a 9 value card or higher.

Knowing one's probability and odds in blackjack can relatively help a player gain an advantage play over the dealer which can lead to a more profitable blackjack gambling among blackjack players.

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