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Strategies on Blackjack Dealer's Bust Percentage

The opportunity to play with better odds of winning is what separates the game of blackjack from other casino games. All casino games have the usual house edge including blackjack. However, the difference is that blackjack gives its players the opportunity to influence the outcome of their game through a skillful play.

When playing blackjack the player have no idea of the hole card of the dealer. The only information that they have is their own hand value and the value of the up card of the dealer. Both the player and the dealer have no idea on the next card to be dealt.

Under this circumstance, the blackjack dealer may still be able to play with a better advantage from the dealer using a good blackjack strategy. This can be done through using the information that is already known to the player such as the value of the player's card and that of the dealer's face up cards.

Players can always use the basic mathematical probability involved in blackjack. Computer simulations made it possible to establish the fact that players may be able to play an advantage game against the casino dealer using the blackjack strategy using the bust percentage of the dealer.

The bust percentage involves the probability of chances that the dealer's hand will go over 21 which is called a bust. This is an important piece of information that can be effectively used as a strategy to make a hand decision which will ultimately increase the odds of the player to reduce the house advantage in their favor.

Many blackjack players use the strategy chart that shows the bust percentage of the blackjack dealer. The likelihood that the dealer will bust is increased when they are dealt with specific cards. Dealer will have the highest risk of busting with the card values of 5 then 6 and closely followed by 4.

There is about 42% of busting chance when the dealer has a 6 or 5 hand values while a hand value of 4 will give them a 40% chance to bust. The significant interpretation on this situation is that this is the highest chance that the blackjack player should double down which can relatively give them the highest potential to double their winning value.

However, with card values of ace, 9 and 10, the dealer has the best favorable hand to play against the player thus the player should be more cautious with their hand play and bets at this instance. Other than the least chance of the dealer to bust they also have further advantage because the blackjack player needs to act first before the dealer.

Using the blackjack dealer bust percentage is one of the popular blackjack strategies employed by players as a means for making good hand decisions in relation to the available information that they can obtain from the dealer's hand.

Correct hand play is an important aspect that can give better odds to a casino player over the blackjack dealer and one way to obtain positive odds is using the information on the bust percentage of the dealer.

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