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Strategies on Blackjack Dealer Tell

The dealer is one of the important personalities in blackjack. They are basically the extended personality of the casino. When a blackjack player is playing against the dealer, it means they are also playing against the casino's house advantage.

It is a blackjack player's goal to employ an effective strategy that will reduce the dealer's advantage against their game. Unlike other casino games, blackjack can be played with a skillful game that give its players enhanced odds to win against the house advantage and the dealer.

Many blackjack experts made several studies through computer simulations that can show the mathematical odds and probabilities on playing blackjack which are also effective in bringing out positive outcome.

Other blackjack players initiate their learning through mastering a blackjack strategy cards or charts that relatively give them guided decisions in every hand played in blackjack. These strategy charts are useful learning tools and aid by which blackjack players can take with them at the casino to use as a guide while playing against the blackjack dealer.

While these strategies are effective means that can help blackjack players derive good outcome on their game, there is another classic strategy in blackjack that can be used to read the casino dealer.

This strategy is called the dealer tell. It is the subconscious gestures expressed by a dealer that can give out some vital information to a blackjack player regarding the value of the face down card of the dealer.

While some gamblers may seem to discredit the dealer tell as an effective strategy to guess the dealer's card value, it can still practically be considered as a useful casual strategy on reading the blackjack dealer.

However, take not that dealers are often trained by the casino to exhibit a neutral expression and it may take time for a blackjack player to spot a dealer who exhibits a dealer tell gestures. The most common dealer tells is an instance where the blackjack dealer may accidentally reveal their hole cards.

When a dealer has a stiff card that include low card values of 2 to 6 in the hole, the dealer may lift the card more than usual to countercheck that the card is not an ace. Take note that dealers may find it most difficult to see the card of 4 that even experienced blackjack dealer need to lift the card more than once to be sure about the value of the dealer's card on the hole.

Another dealer tells that is also derived from the above cited dealer tells will show that a dealer with a hole card of a face is generally spotted by the dealer easily. Once a dealer shows a quick glance on the their hole card faster than the standard peek regularly done by dealers, chances are the dealer's hole card may be at a value of 6 or higher.

Blackjack players relatively gain better advantage of getting an extra idea about the hole card value of the dealer through their gestures and expressions commonly known as the dealer tell.

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